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Monday, 30 April 2012


Well it's been 'one of those days' and so much going on you always forget to take time out for yourself. So a few tips on relaxation- using essential oils.

I have always used essential oils, much relied upon since I started getting migraines as a child and I still use the oils today for myself, but also as an aromatherapist.

Most people who have treatments with me have specific aliments they need help with, but what is at the heart of everything is finding time to relax. 9/10 times an oil I use in my blends treats problems of stress, worry, insomnia and aid the body to relax.

Most common relaxing oil is lavender- great for so so many things, but ideal for sleepless nights and stress. You can get lavender yourself and just add a few drops to your pillow at night, in an oil burner or in the bath. it works wonders to calm nerves and it is probably the most gentle of essential oils on your skin, even helping with those little kitchen burns you get.

Just look how beautiful it is too- my fave colour purple! A great place to visit is Norfolk, so much lovely lavender, and it's used in so many ways!

Another great essential oil which aids relaxation is Ylang Ylang. A stronger, floral, almost tropical aroma. It is termed as a 'base note', meaning its aroma is deeper and these base notes are known for being good sedatives. You only need to use a small amount of this oil in any burner or massage blend, so as not to overpower the rest of the oils and get the right balance which allows the oil to work at its best.

Another stunning looking plant, that when oils are extracted, can have really benefical effects on the human body and mind.

Other oils that might work for you to help you relax (remember each individual will have preferences over scent, one of our most powerful senses) include:
Chamomile (Roman)
Sandalwood...the list goes on, so why not try them. Even a few drops in an oil burner can make a difference.

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