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I currently live in Birmingham and come from Solihull. I have a love of all things crafty, developed from my mom's love of crafts as I was growing up. I currently work in marketing, but I'm a qualified Aromatherapist, and use to be self employed alongside a day job, might one day return to that. I try to fit in crafts when I can, I wish I had more time and money to spend on it! I enjoy researching my family history and finding out about the past. It can get frustrating, but is really rewarding when you have a break through! I hope to meet people with similar interests as me and swap advice/stories.

Monday, 21 April 2014

The real 50's woman

Having always had an interest in history, where we've come from, the changes and development of society, how life use to be and of course the fashions! I was excited to find in the loft some original women's magazines from the 50s, to just peruse and wonder at them, sometimes laughing and sometimes perplexed by their stories, articles, and often their adverts!

So here's a little taster of what I found.

Glamorous women on the cover - they look 'too perfect' was airbrushing used back then??

Back in the day to look good all you needed was plain soap!

Tips on the right swimwear outfit for your body shape

Receipes & advise - I learnt something new, having brought a few mini moulds like this at a vintage fair I found pastry in them just stuck too much - now I have a new recipe to try - Honeycomb Mould and I now know how to give children their 'necessary daily milk ration'

I LOVE THIS: 'Because you're a woman your holiday is vital, says a Harley Street consultant'

Totally agree...what more can you say?!

Fourth paragraph...'As a woman, you are accustomed to expending energy in often harassing circumstance. You need regular rest and exercise...' Don't worry - for exercise it later says 'a good walk'... along the beach I think!

A woman's opinion was a big deal!

Lots of on-going stories to keep you entertained - no 'trashy gossip' (although a little wouldn't hurt!)

Powder Shampoo is nothing new!

I love lavender and I love Yardley Lavender, but this advert is scary!

I always wondered why they had so much to wear in a bedtime outfit, my Sindy doll had something similar - it seems flimsy too, I just love my modern cosy pjs!

And finally - for the woman who couldn't cook much, there was cake mix for those afternoon teas!!

Can't wait to see what the other magazines have in store, also trying to work out why they were kept - I'm hoping there's something significant like an ancestor appearing in one!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Crafts I've seen

A selection of images from craft shows I've been to lately, some unusual and inspiring stuff - if only I had the time/skills to make them!

Les Miserables - the costumes

Knitted & Crochet garden

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

This was a giant dragon! Couldn't get a full size photo of him, must have taken ages...


Love the pegasus

A little bit of magic!

Clever way to use up fabric scraps, since I'm doing various patchwork at the moment might be able to incorporate this!

There was a display of vintage hats and accessories, I'm slowly getting a hat collection but would love a 1920s hat to add to it, trouble is they don't often fit! My only vintage hat is a 1960s one, most of the others are hand made, but I've yet to make one myself!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Heart Sign

Working on a few crafts at the moment all works in progress, but this one is done - my first decorated heart.
I found a quote I liked, painted a wooden heart and then drafted the wording out onto the heart.
I originally wanted all button text, but there was too much text, then I tried to add buttons to just the first letter in each line, but I didn't have enough little buttons - so I used some crystals!


I then painted the rest of the text, the only issue I found was it wasn't so easy to rub out the pencil marks and cover up with paint (hence some 'chunky' letters to try and cover the marks), so the next one I try I think I'll go in free hand to paint the text!

I added a few butterflies which I might add some colour to at a later date, but for now I'll see how I like it hanging on the newly decorated wall!