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I currently live in Birmingham and come from Solihull. I have a love of all things crafty, developed from my mom's love of crafts as I was growing up. I currently work in marketing, but I'm a qualified Aromatherapist, and use to be self employed alongside a day job, might one day return to that. I try to fit in crafts when I can, I wish I had more time and money to spend on it! I enjoy researching my family history and finding out about the past. It can get frustrating, but is really rewarding when you have a break through! I hope to meet people with similar interests as me and swap advice/stories.

Vintage Love


One obvious vintage peice of jewellery, or more preciously one material is pearls.
I do love pearls, they are very elegant, but you can mix and match with modern outfits. I have both original (fake) pearl sets and ones I made myself.

I got this at an antiques ( or vintage) fair - I've lost track, but tear drop pearls are popular - see my almost matching earrings below

One of my favourite pearl necklaces

Real natural pearls are not so common since cultured pearl farms are the main source for real pearls due the cheaper and more managable production of them, as well as cheaper alternatives such as glass pearls.

These earrings are original c1940/50, I thought quite unusal as they are for pierced ears, whereas many earrings from this time were clip ons.

Other beaded jewellery include this replica 1960s white bead necklace. I never intended to go into the 60s style, but have aquired some jewellery, a hat and skirt - a mixture of original and replica items. The chuncky bead is not something I'd normally go with, but for a change I tried it and quite like it, especially wearing with a nice summer dress.

Chunky bracelets & bangles I'm taking more notice of too

Whilst this is by no means exhaustive of the different vintage jewellery you can get / make, even just one or two peices can really change an outfit - and gnerally you can get these items quite cheap, so it's always worth a try!

Simple, 'doesn't cost the earth' vintage

One of the main factors with vintage fashion is 'true vintage' costs. yes you can be lucky and find something cheap - if you know where to look! But for those who just want a quick answer to get that 'style', combining part vintage with modern wear, or again going for modern 'vintage styled' items you can achieve this!

One of the easiest ways to do this is through accessories- I'm starting with scarves.

 Left: A vintage scarf, silk, I often try to wear in my hair, but because of the silk it doesn't always stay in place!

Right: A few scarves, I have a neck tie scarf, think of Grease and the neck tie scarves worn at that time, ther's also a longer black crochet scarf, now this is a more elegant style, you really need a nice dress with it- or use it as a belt (scarves are versatile!), I have my recent polka dot scarf - see photos below. There's also a thicker scarf, made from various vintage fabrics including lace.

Ideas on wearing scarves - light fabric/silk scarves great for the hair and worn loosely round the neck.
Don't forget that scarves were and are both stylish and practical - look at these ladies!
Audrey Hepburn
The Queen - wearing scarves for years now

Land Girls - http://www.culture24.org.uk


May 2013

Tips, advice, findings, online ideas, discoveries and shared intrigue into a 'Vintage Life'.

Whilst I haven't got the largest vintage collection, or speicfically collect from a certain era, I do have a passion for vintage fashions, home styles and general curiousity into life back when...

I hope to offer my findings, tips and advice for the novice and those who are also curious by this great vintage revival. I will look at tips for making your modern style have a vintage twist, look at things that are 'making a come back', advise where to look for vintage items and inspiration and just a general chatter about all things vintage.

I will also share online findings and tutorials (so if you have anything you want to share let me know!)

From glamourous to funny styles and thoughts on life, you will find it here!


Vintage - genuine or vintage style?

One of the things people find nowadays (although it has always been done) is current clothing companies and all sorts of accessories and homeware is often made in a 'vintage style', this can often give you the vintage look you want, but without too much expense.

I recently picked up this red polka dot dress which is modern copy (the photograph isn't great, but you get the idea of the lovely dress)

There are so many 'new copies' of old fashions around, but this has always been the case, fashions flitting back in and out, but much easier to get hold of various eras these days.

I'll come back to the idea of 'true' vintage v 'modern' vintage as we go on.

October 2012

Vintage Beauties

Some lovely postcards of the stars back in the day. The postcards date from the early 20th Century - 1904 onwards.

I don't know much about these actors/singers...I'll be looking into it, my interest was sparked when I discovered an ancestor was a pianist and her husband was an actor/commedian. I have yet to find a photo of them, or know exactly where they worked or what show they starred in- I'll keep looking!

 This post card is slightly coloured and gives the impression of a very elegant star: Gabrielle Ray - Edwardian actress, singer and dancer.
SO glad corsets are out! I don't know if it's the photo or something, but this ladies waist looks odd! Still very elegant with her hair style.

 Miss Olive May - an American actress who married an Englishman. She married twice and has a short career really as she quit the stage before her first marriage.

Lillian Burns -

It's not just about the ladies- how about this stylish gentleman! Fred Barnes - quite a lifestyle this man had (sadly as many of these stars and todays stars have troubled lives). A well known musical hall performer - from Birmingham.


August 2012

I'm going to take a look at fashion from various decades, with pictures, links and descriptions. some fashions we love, some were just strange. Each time we see vintage fashions we have to think how life was different back then, often wearing a similiar outfit today would be impractical, however some fashions are so beautiful you wish you could wear such lovely outfits all the time!

Victorian fashion to the early 1900s Part 1

Very much your fashion/style was impacted upon by your social status and your daily activities. The aristocracy would change outfits appropriate for each activity and changing for dinner was a must.


These outfits are the costumes used in Downton Abbey, some are originals others are combinations of original and handmade.

Red dress: Worn by Lady Mary for dinner

The white suit style outfit worn by Lady Grantham on a day out.
Lady Edith's summer dress.

The working class were obviously living a completely different life and were lucky to have even a few outfits to wear over a week. The attitude to clothing was very different and would mend, re-mend and hand down outfits.

You can find out more on Victorian fashions here: Fashion-History-Victorian-Costume-and-Design-Trends

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