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Monday, 24 August 2015

The 1940s Woman

Another fab magazine, with some delightful ads and comments from a bygone era, but first - the answers from the last magazine's quiz!

Somehow I don't think we can promote smoking like the forties did!
Another advert to help promote a perfect sleep, I'm guessing everyone was over stressed and unable to sleep back in the war - mostly women feature in the ads!
A bit of tonic wine and women can survive anything! But the poor animals also needed some help with stress and hysteria...

A problem shared...

Think there's a few men out there who could use this sort of encouragement...


A constant battle for women to look good, stay young and loose weight! Here's some advice 1940s style!

The smaller photo...I just wonder is it just the way her head is positioned that makes her look bigger round the face? I can't say that she's a large woman just by that photo!

Fashion: knitting, back then it could be cheaper to make then buy, not quite the same these days, but we shouldn't loose these skills!

DIY: short on space? Need to let the delivery man know what you need...here's how

Home Cooking: How about this for something different!!!

Really not tempted by this - bananas and sausage??? Besides, bananas weren't that easy to come by during the war

 Finally, a bit advice on interfering mothers and boys!

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