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Thursday, 28 June 2012

How does your garden grow?

I was lucky to grow up with a large garden at home, plenty of room to have adventures, explore and build dens, also played football and tennis...although often remember being told off for the football hitting the window, the flower beds, going in the pond...and next door!

My parents are mad on plants and they are everywhere, but now I'm getting into gardening, I don't think I'll ever has as a big a garden (1. it's a lot of work and 2, you rarely have houses with that size garden these days.)

Even though I'm in a flat we have plants growing, despite the small space and I thought I'd show you what we have.

 The kitchen window sill - basil and lemon verbena. The basil is in a decoupaged flower pot, vintage feel black, gold and white floral pattern with a hand painted black rim.

(There is myrtle plant there too, but it some how fell out the window of a top floor flat and it's not looking too good now so I avoided photographing that!)

The juilet balcony with a selcetion of plants including:
Thyme, tomato plants, rosemary, lavender, lettuce and radish

We also have a basket holding sweet williams, chives and a small white flower, the name now eludes me...something about snow!

The Sweet Williams are flowering!

So, as you can see, even tiny spaces can produce healthy plant life! We even have a bird feeder on the window and have a lot of visitors, although since the starlings discovered us the robin and others haven't been around much (or at least not when I've been in!)

Hopefully my next move will allow me to have a herb garden, fruit and vegtables, a small pond and mini wild garden and some beautiful flowers!! Alongside space to sit and enjoy it! (Here's hoping)

What about you? Are you green fingered?

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