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Monday, 4 November 2013

Downton In Fabric!

After a visit to the Malvern quilt show I came across some fabric I had been waiting to buy online, but it was there and so I brought a little (I still need to get a few more fabrics from this range...)

Downton Abbey Fabrics are here and the ideas are flowing, it's just getting the time...

So far I have made a clam purse - all for myself (for once), this was the first time I had made a clam shell, following a guide I managed to put it together, although sewing all the final pieces together was tricky once they started to curve.

Clam Shell Purse

The finished clam shell

I used the main Downton Abbey themed fabric for the centre

I used Lady Edith themed fabric on the outside, mostly the fabrics styled on her are light colours including peach and greens.

My next project... a Downton Abbey Quilted Cushion Cover

I have gone for shades of blue and green for this one, there's a mixture of fabrics based on Lady Mary, Edith and Sybil
 I would have tried a full size quilt cover which I saw a kit for at Malvern, but for a beginner it was too much, plus at £45 would be breaking the bank right now, can't justify that, knowing it will probably sit in the pile of 'to do' crafts. I have ideas for a few items to make & sell too...just got to find time and get on with it!!

The fabrics all have lovely designs and colours, I want to get a few more of The Dowagers fabrics which are much darker, purples and black patterns.

So my decision to 'use what craft items I have already got' is going out the window, I now have new ideas which require purchasing new craft bits...think I must have a clear out!!

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