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I currently live in Birmingham and come from Solihull. I have a love of all things crafty, developed from my mom's love of crafts as I was growing up. I currently work in marketing, but I'm a qualified Aromatherapist, and use to be self employed alongside a day job, might one day return to that. I try to fit in crafts when I can, I wish I had more time and money to spend on it! I enjoy researching my family history and finding out about the past. It can get frustrating, but is really rewarding when you have a break through! I hope to meet people with similar interests as me and swap advice/stories.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Getting Crafty

Busy week with the house move, but getting some crafting done...

My Downton fabrics in blues and greens

Stage 1 - sew all squares together. I quite like the colours here and the different patterns, now just to work out the next stage for my cushion cover

I have also begun the Christmas shopping and whilst trying to make things myself I always come across some lovely items by others, here is Buttoned Up, she makes lovely items so take a look at her stuff and I can't wait to put up my button wreath - I think may be by the fire place...I was also tempted by the heart button wreaths, but this is more Christmassy! She also makes some lovely button brooches, magnets, cushion covers and items for the home!

I also brought this from buttoned, I was tempted to buy one decorated with buttons, but I had a thought - I'm going to try and paint the roses and perhaps the heart they sit on, I'll have to judge how it looks!


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