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I currently live in Birmingham and come from Solihull. I have a love of all things crafty, developed from my mom's love of crafts as I was growing up. I currently work in marketing, but I'm a qualified Aromatherapist, and use to be self employed alongside a day job, might one day return to that. I try to fit in crafts when I can, I wish I had more time and money to spend on it! I enjoy researching my family history and finding out about the past. It can get frustrating, but is really rewarding when you have a break through! I hope to meet people with similar interests as me and swap advice/stories.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Looking Ahead...

Well 2014 is here.

Very glad to put the most difficult year ever behind me, even if it is still hard going.

I have many plans for this year, perhaps I'll be more successful this time!

A few changes have already begun, decorating, plans for the house and garden and a new cat!

I decided to close down my etsy shop, despite a few sales over Christmas it wasn't really enough and I don't always have time to keep updating the shop, I won't stop crafting, but I'll be using my blog, facebook and twitter etc to advertise and I'd like to try a craft show and sell in a shop...but we'll see!

I have plenty of new crafts to try and many projects to finish (or even start!) I also hope to fit in some of my Holistic Therapies this year, whether I can fit in renting a therapy room again I'm not sure yet, but I'll see what I can do, may be even look at a course. I'm also doing Angel Card Readings again so feel free to look at my website and find out more about them here.

I received some lovely hand made goodies for Christmas, so thought I'd post a few photos here.

A specially made Journal/Memory Book based on Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe made by Kitty Luna
The journals so nice, yet to decide what to keep in it!
Hand made aceo included with the journal
Hand Knitted Beret, add to my hat collection!
Hand Knitted tank top - vintage style & in purple!

I also received lovely handmade scented sachets & jewellery, as well as crafting kits and items!!
Luna - named after Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter!
Hope everyone has a Happy & Healthy 2014!!

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