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Monday, 9 December 2013

Angel Cards

I learnt to use Angel Cards after a friend recommended them and after a short while I felt I wanted to know more and also be able to offer card readings as a therapist, so I enrolled on a course.


I found the course very helpful in improving my understanding of card reading, both when used for myself and when reading for others. It also gives you more background to card reading and encourages you to learn more about the history of card reading as well as how to use them for a professional reading.

Not everyone will take to angel cards, whether through it not being 'accurate enough' or some just don't have any interest in trying them. similar to tarot cards, although tarot cards have sometimes a negative image, so Angel Cards are much more positive and break away from the negativism or suspicious and cautious feelings people may have.

 I find I go through phases of doing a lot of card readings and then having a break, it can be hard to get a routine going but once you break a routine it seems even harder to get back on track, so one of my plans is to ensure I do weekly readings for myself (if not more often) and just get back into it. I do watch Doreen Virtue's weekly readings on you tube, she does inspire you to get your cards out and give it a go yourself. I find her cards and books very useful and informative. I have several packs of cards, using which ever one I feel drawn to, and sometimes mixing the packs too.

I enjoy giving readings as well, obviously those who are open to alternative therapies are generally interested in what the cards can say and how you as a reader interpret them. A lot of people dismiss card readings, but I feel if they can help you in any positive way to find your way or help you feel better about your situation I think they can't be bad.

If you are ever interested in a card reading you can contact me for a reading through my blog, website or facebook page Beautiful Serenity.


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