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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Downton Quilted Cushion Cover

My first attempt at quilting, I've been meaning to try it for a while, but finding the time has been hard and whilst I have plans to make a blanket (or two) that was too big a project to start!

So with some of my lovely Downton fabrics I decided to go for a cushion cover. This was ideal for a first attempt at quilting and it's something practical that can sit in the living room for people to see (and hopefully comment how nice it is!)

So I started with this:

I went for colour theme of blues and greens

I sewed by hand all the squares together, the best way to start is to decide on a layout, move the squares around until you are happy, then sew together each row, then attach the rows together

So this is the finished item (minus a cushion!) typically I brought a cushion, but it's too big. Luckily I have other covers that fit, but I just have to wait (and measure accurately) till I get my cushion - or I could stuff it with toy stuffing, but that would use a lot of stuffing!

The back is just plain with the Downton Logo, but would look good if left like that - so I guess it's a two sided cover!
My next lot of colours - all from The Dowager Collection

I love purple, so this will be a nice cushion cover to have
I feel for my first attempt at quilting and making a quilted cushion cover I have done well, although there are a few lessons - I'm not overly happy with the closing, I don't think it'll show when I have a cushion inside, but the quilted front isn't too neat at the edges, so I would work on that and ensure that you have enough fabric round the edge to cover the wadding. I would also try and measure/leave extra space for seams as I think whilst I will be able to get a cushion to fit, it's a little smaller than the standard size so I would need to think about that.

Also on the closure of the cover, I think I could have made it neater with perhaps a different closure. I have used poppers (snap fasteners), this is the first time attempting a cushion like this, previously I have used buttons, it would be nice to have buttons but I would need to see if I could make it in this style or might have to try a flap type back so I would cut x2 pieces for the back piece, I guess it's all experimenting!!

My next cushion I will try sometime, I think might be just be a patchwork cushion cover - perhaps without the quilting if I can get the basics right then on another one I'll try the quilting again (I might end up with lots of cushions!) Mind you, there are lots of Downton Fabrics for me to play with!!

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  1. That looks great- well done :) Can't wait to see other patchwork items.